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Micro-controller Arduino
(ATMega 328p) Programming

Discover the limitless possibilities of micro-controller programming with Keep Tutors' Arduino (ATMega 328p) course. Learn to unleash your creativity by programming this versatile platform, diving into hands-on projects and exploring the exciting world of robotics and automation. Build a solid foundation in Arduino programming and bring your innovative ideas to life.

About Course

Will be Published soon

About Instructor

Sir Aun Ahmed

Salam, I am Aun Ahmed and I will be your instructor for this exciting Arduino course. Arduino is a microcontroller board that lets you build interactive projects. The course will start from the basics, covering fundamental concepts of Arduino programming. Students will learn to write and execute code to control digital and analog inputs and outputs. The course will also cover using of multiple modules with Arduino, allowing students to control motors, read data from sensors, and communicate wirelessly between devices. The course will include hands-on projects, interactive discussions, and collaborative activities, and will ignite students' passion for technology and innovation.

Course Outline

Will be Published soon

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