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Who We Are

KEEP Tutors is a leading tutor recruitment agency since 2016 run by professional tutors with over 20 years of core teaching experience.

Our pride is our free consultancy. We talk to you parent-to-parent. We are here to listen to your story and advise you and help you raise superheroes. Our past and current clients/parents include senior consulate staff, c-level corporate executives with students from Karachi American School, British Overseas School, Karachi Grammar School, to name a few. We have also catered to special education needs for slow learners, speech therapy, etc.

Our physical presence is in Karachi DHA, Karachi Shahrah-e-Faisal, Lahore and now also in London, UK. You can visit us at any of these locations to discuss your education challenge. Via these locations we provide home tutors in Karachi, Hyderabad, Lahore and Islamabad; and online tuitions worldwide.  

You can rely on KEEP Tutors for systemic process, quick service and a team of tutors who are professional teachers. Our teachers take the profession as their primary occupation. Learn from expert tutors – at home, online or in a group. Select from extensive tutor profiles for O/A Levels, GED, Quran, IB, Languages, Admission Prep & more.

Enable your child’s success today via hiring the best tutors 

Our program will help your child prepare for all the challenges that lie in their schooling journey. Our tutors provide students with valuable skills needed to excel in middle and high school, college, and beyond. You can choose to select just the subjects they need extra assistance in. Personalized tutoring also enables an opportunity for mentorship. Our tutors are professionals who have massive practical experience from which your child will benefit immensely. 

No matter what course or subject teacher you decide via our tutor recruitment agency/ academy, you can rest assured that your child will get the care and tutelage required for him to succeed academically as well as in practical life. Call now to meet one of our brilliant tutors and make a well-informed decision regarding your tutor needs.

​Taking online home tuition, what does it mean?

If you ever want to get up to speed on whatever subject or learn something new,and you decide to do it on the Internet, you only require a computer, internet access, and a webcam. Finding your private online tutor is extremely easy:

Give us a call at 033-5337-5337 (033-5358-8867) 

Discuss with us your different needs, such as the level, timing, special requirement of female or male home tutor, or the pricing. Contact your teacher through the number provided by us to book a trial home tutor class, if for any reason you do not feel comfortable with our first teacher, you can call us back with your feedback,and we will arrange with you a replacement teacher.

In case of constraints in meeting face to face, at the appointed time to meet up, both the tutor and the client log in on to any online platform and do the meet up and class. Once the lesson is over, you may have some homework to do, some recommendations ,and you will set the date and time of the next meeting. You learn at your own pace with a qualified teacher on your side, whilst enjoying the flexibility of distance learning.


One-On-One Home Tutoring

One of the greatest benefits of studying from a home tutor that the student gets individual attention from the tutor and will be free to ask as many questions as he/she wants. Depending on the subjects that our tutor is teaching, they provide an ample amount of time to the students because the result is what matters for them. If your child is facing issues with any particular subject, our Tutor will focus on his weak areas and will also help the child to finish up the homework.


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