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KEEP Tutors is a leading tutor recruitment agency, run by professional educationists, highly and most widely rated on Google, with 20+ Years of teaching experience. KEEP offers professional customer service, with rigorous tutor profiling, teacher certification programs and a structured tutor database to help our clients find the best tutor within 24 hours.  KEEP Tutors caters to tuition at home, online or in a group. We operate in Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad and Hyderabad.

Policies & Guidelines for Clients/ Parents:
Our Service charges 
We do not charge any commission fee from our customers. Tutor fee is negotiated between you and the tutor. 
Tutor Fee structure
The fee depends upon the tutor's qualification, experience, number of days, time etc. We suggest parents/guardians to have a meeting and a trial class first, evaluate the teacher and then discuss fee, schedule etc. 
Trial classes 
We instruct our tutors to provide you with up to 2 free demo classes so that you can evaluate if the tutor provided best fits your criteria. 
First Month Payments
We receive the first payment in advance from our clients through bank online transfer, Easypaisa or cash via our rider. You will be given a proper receipt for the payment made. The fee received by the academy will be released to the tutor at the end of the month. This process ensures quality of service from KEEP Tutors, accountability of teacher and effective resolution in case of teething issues.  
Subsequent Monthly Payments – OPTION 1
The academy works as mediator between the tutor and the client for the first month only. The subsequent payments will be made to the tutor directly. It is up to the client/parents whether to give the monthly fee in advance or not. 
Subsequent Monthly Payments – OPTION 2
In case you wish to have KEEP Tutors continue to manage the relationship between yourself and the tutor, you can opt to manage payments through us on regular basis. We will take the fee the latest by the 5th of every month. Paying the tutor will be our responsibility, and we can manage the relationship and own the quality of service on an ongoing basis.
Teacher verification @ KEEP
Our tutors are verified, enthusiastic and well-mannered. You can call us for further verification if needed for a case. If in case you have any complaint regarding our tutors, we take all feedback seriously. We take appropriate action promptly whenever we receive feedback. 
Let’s KEEP it clear!

  • We are not responsible for any commitments made by tutor other than time, for example good grades and course completion. 

  • In case of a disagreement or conflict in the first month, the level of involvement will be 100% for the first month. This is our commitment.

  • In case of subsequent disagreement or conflict, if there is a need for settlement, the academy can play a role if requested. 

Proud to serve you. Happy to answer further queries on call or WhatsApp. KEEP in touch.

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