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5 reasons students prefer Home Tuition

Home tuitions have become the norm now with millions of students all over India opting to call a tutor home to add to their school studies. Here’s why.

1. Class strength

Class strength is the main difference between learning in a classroom and one-on-one home tuition, and it is also one of the biggest advantages.

2. Experienced home tutors

Good home tuition services always aim to provide tutors who are usually well-qualified and have a reasonable number of years of experience in teaching.

3. Proper care and attention

Due to the lack of disturbances in one-on-one home tuition, students are more focused during classes.

4. Personalized teaching

Every child has different learning needs and must be taught at a pace which ensures better learning outcomes.

5. Convenience

In one-on-one home tuition, classes are conducted in comfort of student's own home which reduces lots of undue travelling time.

Home tuition is an extremely convenient option for students of classes 6 to 12 who have to spend a lot of their time in schools due to extensive curriculum and extra-curricular activities which are very time-consuming and certainly exhausting.


One-on-one home tuition has various advantages, parents should advise their child on the benefits of home tuition and guide them to make the right choices. If you know that your child needs help, home tuition is an excellent method to improve learning outcomes and score better in school exams.

- Article by Persainjit Singh, Co-Founder & CEO,

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