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How to Find a Tutor During the Pandemic

The 2020/2021 academic year will undoubtedly be like no other in history. As the world continues to battle COVID-19, parents across the nation are trying to figure out how to best make do with either hybrid learning or full-time distance learning.But when social distancing is priority number one, tutoring kids doesn't look like it used to for any party involved.

Here are six tried and true methods for finding a great tutor for your child during the pandemic.

Start with Your Teachers

The first place to start with your teachers who already know your children. "They are always the best source of determining what your child needs and they would provide the best guidance for a good match," says Karen Scanlon, a retired teacher in Florida with professional tutoring experience. "Also, the school's guidance counselor usually keeps a list of teachers who also tutor. Having a tutor familiar with the school's curriculum and the ability to obtain the exact materials needed is invaluable."

Matching Up with Other Families to Create Pods

Some families have chosen to create their own "pandemic pods" by creating groups of four or five families and either pooling resources to hire a tutor or dividing up the teaching duties among parents. This is a great solution for parents who work but who also need childcare.

Hire a Tutor Through an Agency

Seeking a professional tutor from an agency may seem like an obvious choice, but as Young points out, parents still need to vet their choices.

Tutor by Subject Instead of By Grade

Not all families are looking for a tutor who can handle a full season worth of classes. For some, hiring a tutor to help bring up grades in a specific subject like math or science is what they need most. In those cases, reaching out to teachers is the best place to start.

"When the peer tutor is able to successfully explain a concept to a student, two things take place," she says. "The peer tutor's confidence grows as a result of being able to explain. The student being tutored also begins to develop efficacy in their abilities to learn something new. It's a win-win!"

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