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Need of Tutors! But Qualified Ones Are Hard to Find

The pandemic took an unprecedented toll on learning. From the onset of COVID-19 through the end of the 2020-21 academic year, students experienced up to nine months’ worth of unfinished learning, with historically disadvantaged students hit hardest.

Tutoring is considered one of the most effective strategies to fill these learning gaps, especially when implemented using evidence-based practices. But to date, many school districts are not prepared to ramp up their tutoring resources for students. And among those that are, there’s a lot of variation in the approach.

“Some districts are still focused on students’ physical safety,” said Allison Socol, assistant director of P12 Policy at national nonprofit Education Trust. “How these things get implemented really matters. Tutoring in and of itself isn’t some magical solution. It has to be done well.”

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