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Why Finding Tutors Through Proper Channel is Necessary and More Reliable.

Updated: Jan 22

Everyone who works with children in a school or institution must go through an enhanced screening process. This is a known fact and is expected to ensure the safety of the children.

However, the lack of screening process for tutors has been in the news over the past weeks and has caused a level of concern across the nation. Since tutors are on a one-to-one basis with children every week, there is an incredible need for oversight and trust.

Obviously, most tutors will be innocent and be operating under the best intentions. However, you should not ignore the possibility that some individuals may be using the position of a tutor to their advantage to exploit the people that they are meant to be helping. An alteration to screening legislation is important for the protection of children and anyone who requires tutoring and we believe it is 100% necessary.

Here at KEEP Tutors, our prime vision is to fill this gap between tutors and parents’ trust. Our core objective is to keep the parents or students hassle free from the process of finding talented and safe tutors. We ensure this through proper background checks and tutor profiling by thorough checks of their previous experience in schools and demo classes. Furthermore, we take their National ID card and police verification certificate for security checks.

Our core objective is to provide quality tutors to students for all subjects and all ages including various boards of studies such as Cambridge, International Baccalaureate, Edexcel, Aga Khan Board, Sindh Board, Punjab Board and Federal Board.

We aim to fill this gap between students and tutors so that every person has quick and hassle-free access to education anytime and anywhere in the whole wide world just a click away!

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