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KEEP Tutors offers professional customer service, with rigorous tutor profiling and teacher certification programs

Home Tuitions

Home Tutors from Keep Tutors.

Teaching is often considered an easy job. That is why every other person wants to try it as a profession. This leaves clients extra concerned with discipline, reliability, technical mastery and trustworthiness of the teacher coming home.
At KEEP tutors, we take pride in our team of teachers who have taken up this profession as a matter of personal choice, and not as a pastime. For our teachers new to the profession we take them through a Teacher Certification Program to equip them with latest tools and skills in order to ensure professional tutoring service. From the first trial class down to regular sessions, our teachers understand how to manage parents’ expectations as well as how to leverage relation to encourage the student to study. Call us now to discuss more.


Every child has his or her own strengths. Unfortunately, our society often forces the same kind of education to all students. We don’t agree with this approach. We feel struggling students also has strengths which need to be explored and polished.
We have an extensive exposure to alternate high school degree programs that can be of help to a student struggling with O/A Levels. What’s more, we also provide teachers for these internationally acclaimed education programs. Call us now to discuss more.

Coonsultancy from Keep Tutors.

School Staffing Expert

Schools need experienced teachers at the right pricing with adequate skill and experience. This is where we leverage on our extensive database to arrange the best fit teacher for a given vacancy. Call us now to discuss more.

School Staffing Expert from Keep Tutors.

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“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest”
– Benjamin Franklin