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All you need to know before getting started!

  • How often should my classes have held? How many days in a week? Per hour class time?
    These are all up to you and mutual agreement between you and the tutor.
  • How much you'll charge tuition fee?
    There is no pre-defined amount or estimates are given. It depends upon how much days/ hours you demand per week. Tutor will discuss all of this with you in meeting.
  • Are your reliable tutor academy?
    KEEP Tutors are consistent in their services. We provide you Tutors as per your requirement’s. All tutors are guaranteed by us, they are highly qualified, experience & reliable.
  • Do we have to pay any service charges / What is your service charges?
    We don’t charge any additional charges for service. You just have to tuition fee.
  • Which city do you operate in?
    We operate in overall Pakistan. Our Head Office is in Karachi city. However, we are Karachi, Hyderabad, Islamabad, Lahore. Moreover, we operate at international level for online tuition service.
  • Where is your office?
    Our office address is 115 A Karachi, Sindhi Muslim Cooperative Housing Society Block A Sindhi Muslim CHS (SMCHS), Karachi, Pakistan.
  • What are the types of equipment required to give/ get online tuition?  
    Equipment’s that are mandatory for you to have are: Laptop, Webcam, Mic & high-speed internet (recommended 1.5 Mbps up/down). 
  • What is the procedure of payment from tuition?
    Payment is collected by KEEP TUTORS from a client at the start of the month and released to the tutor at the end of the month or get it online in your account. You have many options to pay or receive payment via Bank Account, Easy Paisa & most easily way call us our rider will come to your doorstep.
  • How does online tuition work?
    Online tuition is one on one method of tutoring. Online tuition uses live streaming video chat for direct & comfortable communication with the tutor/ student at your home.
  • What are the eligibility criteria for the tutors?  
    To become a tutor of KEEP Tutors, you must have good skills & be qualified in any specified/ grade.
  • How to get tuition inquires on new upcoming tuitions?
    You can follow us on Twitter and press the bell icon to get notification of each tuition or you can check from the portal as well.
  • What are the registration fees and commission structure for your tuition plans?
    Our commission structure is designed to be transparent and competitive. For standard tuition plans, a one-time 50% commission applies only to the first month's fee. There's no commission for subsequent months. For short-term tuition plans (one month or less), a lower commission rate of 35% applies to the total fee. Quranic Hadith and similar religious instruction are exempt from any commission fees. Registration remains completely free.
  • What is the procedure to become a tutor of your tutor academy?
    You must have to send a request on WhatsApp no of KEEP Tutors (+92335 3375337) & Need to fill up the registration form It is obligatory to have your CNIC & documents of your Qualification.
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