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Abdullah noman


Neduet (Electrical engineering)(2022-2026)

Preferable Subjects

Chemistry,English Literature,Geography, History, Islamiyat, Mathematics, Pakistan Studies, Physics, Quran Tajweed, Urdu


Abdullah noman
Experienced Educator in Electrical Engineering

As a dedicated and passionate educator, I am committed to nurturing the minds of young learners. With a strong academic foundation from Adamjee Government Science College, where I achieved an outstanding Grade A1 and a remarkable percentage of 93.6, I have continued my educational journey at Ned University of Engineering and Technology, specializing in Electrical Engineering.

Currently in my second year of studies at Ned University, I am equipped with the latest knowledge and cutting-edge insights into the world of electrical engineering. This knowledge forms the basis of my teaching philosophy, where I strive to make complex concepts accessible and engaging for my students.

With a solid foundation in both theory and practical application, I have accumulated three years of valuable teaching experience through home and online tutoring. This experience has allowed me to develop a teaching style that is student-centered, interactive, and tailored to individual learning needs. I believe that every student has the potential to excel, and my goal is to unlock that potential by providing guidance, support, and mentorship.

My passion for teaching goes beyond textbooks and lectures. I am dedicated to fostering critical thinking, problem-solving skills, and a deep understanding of electrical engineering principles. Through hands-on activities, real-world examples, and a nurturing learning environment, I aim to empower my students to succeed academically and pursue their own passions within the field of electrical engineering.

I look forward to continuing my journey as an educator, inspiring the next generation of engineers, and helping them illuminate the path to a bright and electrifying future.


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