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sumaira juman


Undergraduate third year of computer science

Preferable Subjects

Art & Design,Computer Science,Design & Technology,English First Language,English Literature, History, Information and Communication Technology, Islamiyat, Pakistan Studies, Physics, Quran Hifz, Science Combined, Urdu, Urdu as a Second Language


Greetings! I'm currently a dedicated third-year Computer Science student, eagerly merging theoretical knowledge with practical expertise. My educational journey has equipped me with a strong grasp of Computer Science principles. Alongside my studies, I've pursued certifications that reflect my diverse interests and aspirations. From mastering Principles of Management to delving into the intricacies of Search Engine Optimization, Front-end Development, UI/UX for Beginners, and Introduction to Digital Marketing, I've cultivated a broad skill set that spans both technology and marketing domains.

My passion for translating data into meaningful insights led me to explore Data Visualization and delve into the foundations of Exploratory Data Analysis. Additionally, I've honed my abilities by building complete websites using web technologies, showcasing my proficiency in crafting user-friendly and visually appealing digital experiences.

As the world of technology evolves, so does my knowledge. I've also ventured into the realm of Big Data Analytic techniques, preparing myself for the challenges of handling and deriving value from large-scale data sets.

With an insatiable appetite for learning and a commitment to excellence, I'm eager to contribute my multifaceted skills to innovative projects that merge cutting-edge technology with effective digital strategies. Let's connect and explore the possibilities of collaboration in this dynamic and ever-changing landscape.


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+92 335 3375337

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